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Plant food v. fertilizer


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What is the difference between plant food and fertilizer?? 

I am currently using Aqueon aquarium plant food in my tank. I dose once a week (3 gal tank, just shy 5ml) and I'm guessing everything is good ???  After watching a few videos and reading posts here, many hobbyists seem to love Easy Green. So what's the difference? What am I looking for to gauge success? Do I have too many plants in my small tank that require more nutrients?

I mainly have beginner plants. I'm focusing on rhizomes and floaters. I have small river rock as my substrate.

I have struggled with frogbit, but half the issue is my betta loves to cuddle the roots and knock them off. I get new growth, however there's some mel ting from time to time. Currently, I don't mind buying a new handful of frogbit every so often, but I would love more success. I love the look of dangly roots and Miso seems to be a fan of them too. Perhaps a hearty pothos plant would achieve the look I'm going for.

I bought a small bucephalandra on a whim about a month ago & finally noticed new growth. 

Same with my hornwort/mystery plant. He was a hitchhiker with my last batch of frogbit and has already grown an inch, new roots and a new sprout. Clearly my fastest growing plant (or weed) in the tank. 

I completely understand that there is a balance and finesse growing aquatic plants. Full disclosure, I struggle with regular house plants, too. So many of you have posted pictures of gorgeous planted tanks, and I want to get there too. 

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I was using Aqueon plant food in my tank and I don't believe it was doing anything. Just bought Easy Green feet and hoping to get better results.

I have two anubias, bucephalandra, Hornwort and frogbit in a 3 gal tank with a Betta. This is my first attempt at a planted tank and I know betas are poop producers. Hoping to discover the right balance of nutrients for my plants to grow.

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