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should i be worried?

SC Fish

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I found this small white worm in my tank that ive had set up for a few months now Ive seen these before but never this late into an aquarium they usually go when i add  fish within a few days... ive had 2 deaths jn the tank is it possible they are linked to this?




i also just noticed some white poop?20221213_155341.jpg



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On 12/13/2022 at 4:16 PM, Schuyler said:

What did the fish look like when they died?

Was it sudden it could you tell they weren't healthy for a bit?

What are your parameters like?

That worm looks longer than the detritus worms I've had.

The fish looked normal honestly , well the first proberably died to fin rot . It was a guppy so it did look a big off but i domt think this was the cause. The second one was unwell for a few weeks but im not sure why. It was moving its gills rapidly so i feel it had bad respiration.


The worm was only around 3 or 4mm long

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That may also just be a detritus worm. You don't normally see them floating around as they are eaten most of the time by small fish (if you have them).

What are your pH, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels at? How often do you do maintenance on the tank? I remember reading somewhere about them coming out if there was something off with the water.


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