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Making some changes… also thanks Cory!!!


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Hey guys! Just wanted to share some changes and thank Cory for some great advice:

I noticed my ember tetras were fin nipping my half moon betta in my 20 gal long. This was on the heels of adding 5 new embers to the tank 🤦‍♀️. I thought everyone was getting along but a couple tetras were going to town on his tail. (The picture circled red). 

I also have a 14 gal cube that has 6 green fire tetras and 7 habrosus corydoras… Shortly after I added the green fire tetras I realized they deserved to be in a larger tank. (They’re basically like green rummy nose tetras in size and activity). I considered rehoming them but hadn’t pulled the trigger yet.

Welp, I decided I was going to swap my green fire tetras and my betta. 20 gal long offered them more lateral swim area and the corydoras in the 14 gal cube will leave my bettas fins alone.

I’m also thanking @Cory because I was dreading catching out my green fires. They’re so quick and active I was imagining the worst in a planted tank… but I used his trick of using one net to “heard” them into another net… making it a 15 minute long process 🙌👏🙌👏. I was stoked it worked so well!

I think this new arrangement will work out! Thanks for reading!





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