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Pick a Freebie - Choose Wisely


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Imagine you're able to choose one thing from the ACO and "win" a supply of that item for as long as your tank is setup. One item, you can receive it over and over. Let's say you receive it every 3 months.

Let's say the price limit is ~$10 or so.

What would be the item you choose?

For me, not kidding, it's probably super glue. I just constantly find myself wanting and needing more tubes of it.

Second to that would be some anubias, but I think after a while I wouldn't know what to do with the mass of plants without being wasteful.

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On 12/11/2022 at 2:54 PM, Patrick_G said:

Easy Green for me since I can't get it anywhere else. They've actually have already given me two bottles one in a CARE package and one at an in person meet and greet. Thanks Aquarium Co-op! 

At least one LFS in Houston sells ACO merchandise, so I assume other stores do also.  Have you looked around locally, or asked one or two if they would consider handling it?

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