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American Flag Fish aggressiveness


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I have not yet seen aggressiveness from my American Flag Fish towards any of my other fish… so far… even from the males.

I have 2, 29 gallon tanks with them in there.

I also had a Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami in one tank.  The Dwarf Gourami was noticed to be charging and chasing the Flag Fish and the Flag Fish retreating.  

Of late I noticed never seeing the American Flag Fish swimming about in the tank with the Dwarf Gourami.  They were staying hidden in the vegetation.


I rehomed the Dwarf Gourami to a 20 gallon tank with 6 Green Neon Tetras and 6 Pygmy Coradoras.  The Dwarf Gourami leaves them alone and pretty much ignores them.


It took several days before the Flag Fish started swimming about freely.  The male came out first a day or so later.  Now all of them are regularly swimming about.  The only aggression  noted is the Male chasing the females around on occasion.

Certainly other people could have significantly different experiences.

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I believe I did see him doing the mating dance with one of the females in the moss.

The female was doing the backward swimming thing into him…

seemed to e a dry run. I didnt see any eggs result.

If they get problematic I have plenty of tanks I can use for a transfer.


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