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White Lump on Betta?


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This is my first real run-in with fish disease. Tank has been set up for almost a year. She has this white Lump near her eye and above her gill. It seems too large to be ich.

Any help is appreciated!PXL_20221210_171659591.PORTRAIT.jpg.ab4f4d46721ae0129fd99ab24e79415a.jpgPXL_20221210_171616691.PORTRAIT.jpg.6a6b4d0cda60a6fea4469355da861a87.jpgPXL_20221210_171610976.PORTRAIT.jpg.9840b370a807212c59b97f139405b3f8.jpg

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 0

Hardness: 150ish

Kh: 80

Ph: 7

Chlorine: 0

Temperature: 72-79

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