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Help friends fish. Fungal?


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On 12/8/2022 at 6:03 PM, rockfisher said:

147576E1-BF26-4CE8-8F3F-E56ACC2ADDF7.jpeg.6bc70f172e61b31627f1ad05440050ad.jpegidea of what it is and treatment. I’m thinking fungal. I have not seen in person but says it’s like a cob web. @Colui know I’ll get a quick answer and I trust you.

Possible Epistylis it feed them off gram negative bacteria on the skin of your fish and spreads more quickly at higher temperatures the most effective treatment is a combination of kanaplex in food feeding a small amount twice a day for 7 days and aquarium salt 1 table for 2 gallons 


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