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White Fluval Flex 32 Background

John Zoidberg

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I picked up a white Fluval Flex 32 gallon from my LFS for half off. I didn't want a white one but it was a deal i could not pass up. On my other tank i plasti dipped the background black. Any ideas what I can do with the white flex? Worried if i do white it will look dirty all the time. But also think if i paint it something else it wont look right. Can anyone suggest alternatives?

I was thinking if trying to do a mix of white and blue and then put a bunch of plants in the middle.

Thanks in advance. 

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Definitely tough. Maybe order the spare parts from the website in the color you want?

I imagine there is a fish safe paint you can use in the water, but I have heard from Cory and others that fish will eat that layer off.  You also might run into issues with sensitive species doing that as well.

I would just get some tall plants and try to grow out the back or use a moss wall style on the back wall.

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