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Can I stack Apistogramma caves?


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Short version: can I stack two apisto caves on top of each other or will there be territorial conflict if they're so close?

Long version: I bought a pair of Apistogramma cacatuoides but lost the male during quarantine. I wanted to try again, but my LFS had only one M/F pair left and didn't want to split them up; they said A. cacatuoides would be better off in a Three's Company situation than in a pair anyway, since the male has to choose his mate, and this would improve the odds. So now I have a trio.

So where I had a Co-op apisto cave in my cart, I doubled that, figuring that each female would need her own. Now my question is: do I have to space the caves out in the tank, or can I stack them one on the other? If I can, should I face the openings to opposite sides?

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