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fake plant for fry hiding and breeding


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Hi.  Anyone have rec's on fake plants (prob silk fabric for the leaves) particularly for fry to hide in.  Floating ones would be even better for ease of feeding fry at the top of the water column.  I see a bunch of fake plants on amazon (and I even have ordered one), but they have rather hard plastic leaves that can poke fish or tear fins.  

Maybe even something DIY 🙂


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I always go with live plants. Wisteria (Hygrophilia difformis) is plant that can float and shelter fry. Zero maintenance except when you want to be done with excess. Najas (Guppy Grass) is another great one. The advantage of live plants is that they provide context for micro life that can feed fry.

For artificial, you can make a floating spawning mop. Acrylic yarn strands are good hiding spots for small fry. Here's instructions on how to make your own.

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