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Vallisneria Italian Plants

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I have a question about my Vallisneria Italian. I planted alot of these about 6 weeks ago and they are growing and spreading very fast. Some of the young plants, off of the shoots have rooted into my substraite (90% of them) and some have rooted, but the roots are far from my substraite (3' or so). It doesn't seem to deter them because they are grow just fine too, and heading for the surface. Should I let these young substraite-less plants continue doing their own thing and finding their way or should I cut them from ma-ma and plant them ?

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@jsem321 That is really up to you, at 6 weeks you can either leave them be, or if you prefer a more manicured look for the sheer optics of it you can cut them off, plant them and have them grow on their own and turn into another ma-ma plant eventually. Whenever my Amazon swords produce babies that way I either cut them off and plant them, or as of late have given them away to friends.

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