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Salvinia Portions


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Just got some salvinia portion for my new tank to help shade my new low light plants. They are in “quarantine” right now. They are in just tap water. I notice they have these white things on them? Like on the left in the picture. I even took it out of the water to see if it was just the bubbles but they are on their and don’t know what they are. Are they snail eggs? I don’t know what they are exactly. Does anyone know? 



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That's interesting. I have a fair portion of Salvinia minima in one of my tanks and I have not seen this before. I think you are on the right track with it being eggs of some sort, but I don't think they are snail eggs. If they are snail eggs, maybe nerite snails, but still I think that is unlikely as these look larger than nerite eggs. Do know what type of fish/animals were in tank from the person you got the plants from? 

The good thing is you have them in quarantine. Let them sit for a couple weeks and see what happens. 

Salvinia minima multiplies pretty rapidly with ferts and decent lighting. You could always just produce more and take the new plants and put them in your display tank to be on the safe side. 


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It was from a local fish shop and these where in a container by itself. They had a section of floater plants just in each plastic container. Should I use some 3% peroxide in the water? And yes I should try and see if I can grow more to see if I can get fresh ones. 

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On 12/8/2022 at 3:56 AM, nabokovfan87 said:

Will salvinia be ok in an RR treatment? Is that possible with floating plants?

Yes. I did salvinia minima, duckweed, and frogbit. I only submerged it using plates to hold it down for about an hour since they don’t like wet leaves. I left it float the rest of the time. 
I was testing it that way to ensure any mobile critters like snails etc could be asphyxiated. Algae doesn’t grow on air exposed portions and eggs are laid in portions that remain submerged. 
I don’t know if it would have held up being submerged the entire time. 
At that time I only had a small amount so really did not want to risk killing the salvinia due to it not doing well with wet leaves. 

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1-Rinse the plants. Fully submerge the plants in freshly opened seltzer water.

2-Cover the top with a towel or other loose-fitting lid (should not be airtight) and place in the dark for 12 hours.

3-After 12 hours, remove the plants and soak in plain water, preferably aerated for 30 minutes or more. Usually, tank water is sufficiently oxygenated such that you may skip this step.

4-Rinse to remove remnants of pests or dead algae.

5-Place in the tank.

For floaters, Guppysnail above had mentioned only submerging them for 1 hour, then let them float.

This is what I would recommend for this situation. 

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