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Yup super glue gel is amazing, Irene from Girl Talks Fish made a vid about it


Also, fishing line works, general fabric thread, and heck I've even used rubber bands. Also if you can stuff it in or between pieces of wood and rock, that works too because they'll take to their surroundings and attach themselves over a few weeks.

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Thanks for the tip guys. Much appreciated. 

On 9/17/2021 at 8:38 PM, Colu said:

That doesn't look like velvet  I would treat with ick x and paracleanse that @Keeg suggested I would treat with paracleanse in food that way you can do the daily water changes that  ick x requires without affecting paracleanse 


Thank you for the advice. It's very appreciated. I'll definitely pass it on to him and keep you all updated. 

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