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Dying Mystery & Nerite Snails?


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Ideas please!

I am having trouble keeping Mystery and Nerite snails alive lately. I also had a die-off of Malaysian Trumpet snails too, but Ramshorn and Bladder snails are thriving. I tried a few limpets that did not make it either. I have seen Ramshorns on the body of the Mystery snails, and assumed an attack, but am not sure. My orange neocardaina disapeared after thriving for about a year, but I was thinking the Forktail ranibow fish ate them?

I was thinking I needed to test for copper, but Ramshorns and Bladder snails are fine. I have one Amano shrimp left - I think most died after a year or more.

29 gallon planted aquarium set-up in Feb 2021.

0 ammonia
0 nitrites
10-40 nitrates

I dose:
weekly easy green and monthly Seachem and/or easy root tabs
liquid potassium
Sometimes liquid carbonate
Occasional wonder shell

I feed:
Easy fry
Hikari shrimp food a few times a week
Algae wafers a few times a week
Brine shrimp 1x per week
Sometimes various flake foods or freeze dried foods

Forktail rainbowfish
Chili Rasbora
Pseudomugil Gertrudae
Dwarf corydoras
Ramshorn snails
Bladder Snails
Maybe an Amano shrimp

Substrate is fairly deep - around 3" - pool filter sand bottom covered by a mix of crushed coral and aqua soil.


12-4-22 aquarium.jpg

Snail Shells.jpg

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Sorry this is happening. I do not see much algae on the glass. With that many snails my first thought is not feeding enough. Nerites eat mostly algae mine occasionally will nibble zucchini but mostly biofilm and algae.

I can’t tell if that is wood or rock. If rock I would add wood as that grows supplemental biofilm quick. 
Mystery snails eat A LOT. The larger they grow the more they eat. Mine get 1/2 a wafer EACH a night and some type of veggie. 
with bladder and ramshorn getting to the food faster than mystery snail and Mts surfacing after dark. The bladder and ramshorn are most likely outcompeting the others. 
I hope that helps. 

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