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Did you know crayfish grew on tree? 😜

Karen B.

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I am in love with my Dwarf Mexican crayfish (Cambarellus patzcuarensis). Both my females had babies and there is about 3-4 different stages of babies in the aquarium so far. 😍


Sadly one female was attacked (and eaten…) by a male after molting despite all the hides provided.

I left the other female alone with the babies and moved the males. The eggs hatched, then she produced new ones (despite the fact there is no male in the tank. I wonder if they were fertile anyway?). However she lost both pincers 2 days ago and today I found her dead. Not quite sure why - no males around, plenty of food and mulm, and if it was the water quality, I would think the babies and endlers in the tank would be affected too. 

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