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Received My Goodie Box Today

Dawn Dare

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    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Aquarium Co-Op. You really made my day! Big smiles! I’ll have to send you a photo of me wearing my Murphy hat! Loved everything else too! I really appreciate the kind of people you are. Respect your business model and ethics. As many others do as well. Delighted to see your business expanding and being so successful. It’s such a wonderful thing to see someone’s love and passion blossom into support for a life style, and have a positive impact for those around you.

   When I settle in, to some free time, I watch hours and hours of your YouTube videos. (I prefer you to network TV.)  I have learned so much from your engaging videos I have re established my love for the hobby.  Excellent therapy, with all the hoop la that’s going on these days.

    I love fussing with my fish tanks (3 so far). Hoping to buy a new house with more wall space!  All of your products you produce and carry online are absolutely top shelf!😃

    I look forward to visiting your store with my first travel opportunity. 


Big hugs to you all

Dawn Dare


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