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Check Valve Placement


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16 hours ago, Streetwise said:

If you were an aquarist and an insurance adjuster, where would you place your check-valves?

All depends if all parties are honest or dishonest.  🤣


Here are some humorous/fictitious situations/examples:


The honest folks:

If it was an insurance adjuster, he/she would have a 'gang valve' filled with check-valves installed properly.

If it was an aquarist, the check-valves are probably still in the packaging, somewhere, or indeed possibly installed, correctly.


The dishonest folks:

If it was an insurance adjuster, the check valve would be in his/her pocket, while filling out the paperwork.

If it was an aquarist, all check valves and air pumps would be installed, high in the attic to avoid siphoning, if questioned.  



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Thanks @Daniel.

I love it, @DaveSamsell!

While my wording was a bit cheeky, I was just thinking about any potential failure modes, like if the tubing were to be pulled off either side of a check valve. However, after assembling a couple of sponge filter/tubing/check/tubing/pump combos last night, I was reminded that the check valve fitting seems to be the tightest of them all.

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