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Today I did something I have never done before. After talking to my LFS I decided it was time to experiment with harvesting some of my baby swords on the runners.

I had previously Ordered rockwool and baskets. 



I then took my lids off for easy access to the runners.



I selected the runner with the largest growths on it.


I then snipped the runners and took the plant lings and placed them in the rockwool and then into the baskets.



I have now taken the finished product to the LFS and left 10 of them with them. We are gonna see how well they sell before I collect more. I was able to get 20 viable plants off this runner and took the 10 best to the shop. The rest are now in a separate tank waiting to see if they take off. I would be interested in hearing any feedback on this if anyone has a better way to go about this. I spent 20 dollars on 55 rockwool and basket setups. Do you all think this is a nice touch or not worth the money?

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