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Crypt Pink Flamingo


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So I had ordered some plants from Aquarium Co op and I received/planted them the day before Cory put out the video about how he plants his crypts... leaving them in the pots as to not destroy the roots and also to help prevent melting... whelp, I did exactly when he warned against... I received a pink flamingo and took it out of the pot, picked the rock wool off and proceeded to plunge it into my eco complete breaking off much of its robust root system as I went. I literally watched his video the next day cursing myself and expecting my plant to melt away completely. Welp, it did melt back... but now... it's starting to grow new leaves even after my abuse! I just threw a couple root tabs under it in hopes it will keep growing.


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I literally started my first thread on this same species.

Only my error was probably an overabundance of caution. What I got back from the community was:

1. Get it front and center in the brightest spot of the tank. (Yours seems to be in a good spot).

2. Root tabs.

Where I was hesitant to remove mine from the pot and plant it, I got a few comments suggesting I go with exactly what you did. I will say that as cautious as I was with getting things started, once you do get it rooted and established, it appears to be a normal Crypt. I'm getting robust reddish leaf growth, and the green emerged leaves are semi-melting, but nothing else is. Cory's livestream where he mentioned he was concerned about the Pink Flamingo quality last year appears to have turned things around. This batch is pretty robust so far.

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