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New member, and an absolute novice.


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Someone gave me a five gallon tank with two minnows in it - no filter or anything. Just a small tank with minnows.

That week I bought the gear I needed, and by the next week I had a 20 gallon tank. It's getting out of hand - I am

already trying to figure out the next project.

I started just wanting to focus on aquaculture, but now I've got six petras, the two minnows and three goofball loaches.

The morning routine is now pretty meditative. Wake up, feed the cat go over to the tank and feed the fish - then sit down and watch them. Heck, last night was the first time I noticed many of them were sleeping! This is such a great hobby.

I have to say, the Youtube videos featuring Cory have been a staple in my Youtube binges - so much info, and he seems like a really chill person.

Anyway, hello world!

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On 11/26/2022 at 10:03 PM, Geojour said:

It's crazy - I'm getting rid of my couch so I can have that wall for a couple of tanks... Not a good sign!


This community seems great - nice and relaxed, and SO much to read and learn.

Haha I remember having a similar conversation. "But do we really NEED to have a book shelf there?"

Welcome! Sounds like you have a pretty bad case of multi tank syndrome. I'm pretty new too but I kinda wish I went with multiple smaller tanks rather than one big one. That gives you more options for stocking.

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