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time to do something about this 5 gallon

SC Fish

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i have a 5 gallon tank on my cabinet, it used to house my 3 endlers which are now in the 20.

its been empty for weeks now and I'm getting quite tired of seeing it empty.

i will need to get some hardscape and whatnot but what should i do with this tank? 

its 40cm long , 25cm high and 25cm wide.  

im quite up for anything, however i have myself a challenge, all the scapes i do MUST be shallow, meaning under half way up the tank, or if i really need to, just over.


i was thinking some sort of moutain scape? maybe a mangrove? im not sure

but then i thought about stocking, originally i was considering shrimp? maybe even an ecosystem for them. but now im wondering what other animals i can house in here (aquatic / semiaquatic) . like frogs? but what type?

im not sure, let me know please!


Edit: perhaps even some sort of  saltwater amphibian / invertabrate that would like this as a home? 

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