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Stocking ideas that don’t need a heater


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My little brother is setting up a new 55gallon and he wants to stock it with some kind of gourami but we live in Denmark so electricity is not cheap so we can’t have a heater. So do you have any idea for some hours mid that don’t need at heater. Thanks I’m advance.

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Hello! I am not certain if I properly understand your question, "do you have any idea for some hours mid that don't need a heater." Maybe there is a typo in your sentence. I'll try to provide one sort of answer . . . 

Tropical fish tend to need temperatures ranging from 21-26 degrees Celsius. But there are temperate fish that can be kept much colder. I am not sure what temperate  species you can find in Denmark, nor what the laws are there regarding keeping them. But you might inquire about minnow species sold at freshwater fishing bait-shops. There are several European minnow species we cannot get over here in the USA called Phoxinus phoxinus (Eurasian Minnow) and Phoxinus dragarum (France renaming). They look quite basic at first, but in breeding season, put on a lot of color...

Phoxinus phoxinus


Phoxinus dragarum


Here is a comparative chart showing a portion of the Phoxinus genus...


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