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Stocking ideas for 65G


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Hi All.

So I have a 65G that is planted and currently has some Cardinals, Harlequins and Corys and a pleco. I am in the process of moving the Harlequins and Cardinals. What would be some recommendations for fish that can handle my water parameters

pH 7.8
KH 40
GH 150

Temperature can be whatever is needed. Thanks so much.

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@Stephan1973 Most of the common South American community fish are going to fare pretty well, and will get along with the current inhabitants (maybe more tetras, Corydoras, or some Bolivian rams, Otocinclus). Similarly, Southeast Asian fish (smaller gourami species, kuhli loaches, barbs, danios, and more rasboras) should all work fine.

In terms of personal experience, I have around the same waters parameters in my 29 gallon aquarium. I found that my pearl gourami and honey gourami do well in this tank. They live with some neon tetras and a group of Corydoras.

I hope this helps!

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