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Apartment living, 5 tanks, plus projects/experiments


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      Currently living in a apartment with my five tanks. 
1. 29 gallon high tech planted tank. Fluval 3.0, canister filter, UVC, Co2 injection, Air pump on timer for night time hours, wifi timers yada yada... Has a pair of apistogramma macmasteri, some khuli loaches, tons of shrimp, and a few left over mollies. Hopefully near future will trade out the mollies for something else. has a large mix of plants.

2. 20 gallon betta sorority, high tech co2, 3.0 light, all on a simple sponge filter. clown pleco lives happily attached to the driftwood. a school of glowlight tetras add some dither, also a handful of shrimp and currently a ton of snails. mostly java ferns make up the plants.


3,4,5.. single male betta tanks, 3.0 plant lights, manually inject co2 daily. one is full of crypts, another java fern windolov. 


i like to experiment and tinker so things get changed quite often. Have two ten gallon tanks i use for breeding projects/ quaratine. 

Currently making an egg hatch tank for the apistos because there spawns have yet to be successful (8 trys so far) 


I have water that i soften in a 5 gallon bucket to keep my PH and GH down (8.3ph and 17dkg out of the tap) 


other things changing...

Currently have a full seachem flourish line up around for fert needs, however i orderd some EZ green and plan to order some thrive to experiment to see if i can get good plant growth still with less bottles around. i like to make the "high tech" tanks run them selfs while fufilling my tinkering tech wants and desires. 


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Ill be sure to get some pictures, I've never been much for internet discussions. i find that people get to stuck in one way, but in my area i have not met many people who share my passion so i need to talk fish with some people at some point... 

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