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40 Gallon Planted Breeder Journal

Jon G

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Here is my 40 gallon breeder display tank. I guess you could say it's a Dutch style aquascape is you had to put a name on it. Tank has been up for 4 months.  I run injected co2 at about 1.5 bubbles per second.  Lighting is a 36" fluval plant 3.0. Substrate is fluval stratum.  Filtration is handled by a fluval 307 canistar, filled with sponge, seachem matrix and chemipure green.  I also run a airstone and a marineland 300 watt heater to keep things nice and warm. Hardscape consisted of some mopani wood, spider wood, a few river rocks and some dragon stone. 


2 Sunset Gourami (used to get tank cycled)

6 Harlequin Rasabora

15 Neon Tetra

6 Panda Corydora

7 Otocinclus  (1 is in quarentine with some sort of bacterial or fungal infection)

1 Bristlenose Pleco

3 Apistogramma agazizzi  (1 male 2 female) 

4 Young Angelfish 

1 German Black Ram (also in quarentine with the otto with same infection)


Temple Plants, Amazon Sword, Scalet Temples, Rotala Rotundifolia, Cardinal Plant, Wisteria, Bacopa Caroliniana, Crypt Parva, Golden Creeping Jenny.

I started the tank dosing dry ferts using the PPS Pro system and flourish exel.  Nutrients got a bit to high and was dealing with some algae so I stopped dosing lowered the light intensity and shortened the photo period to allow the tank to stabilize and the plants to establish a bit longer.  The lights have been slowly brought back up to moderately intense with a longer photo period. I still have some algae on the wood hardscape but I look at is as food for the pleco and Otto's.  I also kinda like the look of it. I will begin dosing ferts again this week based on my water parameters which I have posted below. 

Any input, comments, questions, or suggestions are always welcome. I hope you enjoy. 20200720_104819.jpg.7cf44304649cb4c5cd69e979d3876bf3.jpg












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8 minutes ago, Chad C. said:

That’s a pretty close setup to the one I’m struggling with. I decided to try an all crypt tank no co2. Though I do have an unused rig sitting around. Looks awesome and I’m working to get mine looking good like that!

Co2 will help any plant in my opinion even slow growers and low light plants and can help with algae if other nutrients are under control.  As was stated earlier it is all about balance.  I'm stil trying to find that in this tank. Getting there but not there yet. 

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