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Coop CO2 Regulator is wonky.....can I fix it or should I get it replaced?

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I just got my Regulator and set it up a couple of days ago.  When I first set it up, I had to crank it way down to get any pressure on the second stage meter.   I had to wait a couple of days for my diffusers to get here, and when I went back to set them up, there was no pressure in the second stage gauge.   I removed the regulator from the tank, played with the second stage valve (removed the cover, looked at the spring and valve mechanism and re-installed it....and I could get pressure again after re-attaching it to the co2 tank, but this morning, there is no pressure on the second stage gauge and I'm getting frustrated.  Is there a "user serviceable" component that I can fix here, or should I just get ready to send it back for replacement?

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An extra seal isn't needed with the way our regulators are. It sounds like something is wrong with the regulator you received unfortunately.  Customer service will likely get you one sent out after a bit of trouble shooting. Sorry you've been experiencing a problem, this is definitely not the norm, and we'll make it right for you.

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Just a quick follow up.   Customer service responded within hours of my contact request- On Thanksgiving day none the less!  After a quick back and forth, I couldn't resolve the problem, so Candi had a replacement sent first thing Friday morning.  I received it this morning and installed it and it is working fine!  Just got a DOA unit to start with, I guess.  Thanks to the Co-op crew for the rapid and easy replacement!

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Very cool that you got everything working again. The only thing I would suggest @Godzilla68 is next time don't disassemble anything.  Email support (for any brand's product that you just bought new) and just make sure things get troubleshooted.  It's so hard sometimes when you're trying to help someone and then you hear the "well I did this, then I tried this, etc." 

It's a new product, you just received it, so I always err of the side of trying to get help.

With my regulator (old one purchased from ACO) I had an issue for about 2 years and I didn't try to fix it until we'd moved and tanks were setup.  Come to find out I turned one thing the exact wrong way and it was leaking on top of everything else. It happens.  Arrows on turning knobs help. LOL.  Oh well.

It is unfortunate and DOAs do happen, but I wanted to share my experience with support (in general) and hopefully that helps in future if you do run into issues on a new purchase!

I think 9/10 times it's almost always a bad seal or a leak somewhere with regulator issues.  It always happens and often easily remedied with the soap test.

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On 11/30/2022 at 4:23 PM, Mynameisnobody said:

@Godzilla68 They make it nearly impossible to shop anywhere else. IMO, the best overall company in the hobby by farrrrrrrrr. Glad everything worked out. 

☝️ This.

I've been debating getting a pressurized co2 system for awhile,  but finally pulled the trigger with Acoops regulator.  The reason is cause of the level of support they offer!

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