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New Cryptocoryne and more plants on the way:)

Trish S

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I just added a new cryptocoryne and some Bucephalandra to my 55 gallon community tank. Hopefully the cryptocoryne spiralis “red tiger” doesn’t melt completely. I have 4 other types of crypts in this tank that are doing well. There is a little bit of algae popping up on this side of the tank. The low fall/winter sun adds extra natural light this time of year. But at least the hill stream loaches are happy lol. 

I added two other new types of crypts to our 20 gallon shrimp tank . They were a little smaller and I was worried they’d get uprooted in the 55 gallon. So far so good:) no melt and both are sending out a new leaf. Cryptocoryne nurii var. raubensis 'Rosen Maiden' and Cryptocoryne jacobsenii pink. 

I have more plants ordered that are on the way and more Bucephalandra to add in a few days:) 





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Have all those plants; one of my nurii did melt so don't be shocked if it does; none of the various spiralis have melted. At least in my tank the spiralis is fairly slow growing but the pink jacobi grows like a weed getting fairly large and sending out gobs of runners. It needs a lot of room around it to expand. The nurii is mix bag in terms of growth i have a fairly strong light and it mostly stays flat but the ones shaded do raise the leaves and in that form it is a larger plant; it took about 4 months for mine to start spreading but the one that melted took about 6 months to start regrowing and was very slow initially though more recently has picked up steam. My lemon blue-eye is unkind to the nurii but the leaves never seem to get damage.

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I would love to try even more types of crypts. I currently have 8 types:)
As a kid , I used to go buy fish from a lady who had 100’s of aquariums in an “old barn”. She had the most amazing pure strains of guppies and breeding colonies of dozens of types of tropical fish. You had to practically squeeze between rows of tanks stacked 4 to 5 high on wood shelving. Her tanks were low tech and many were completely carpeted with a type of plain dark green crypt. She did water changes straight from hose and had simple sponge filters driven by what sounded like an air compressor lol. 

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