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Emerald Green Cory Eggs


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Walked in to my bedroom tonight and I am seeing cory eggs on the glass.

I read up what is recommended to separate eggs and grow fry and honestly I dont have the time to do so.  

I take care of my grandson 5 days a week leaving at 6:00 in the morning and getting home around 7:00 at night and visit my other grandson before bed.

I do however have heavily planted tanks.

I recall keeping Albino Cories as a teenager and having fry survive to adulthood on occasion.

Now I do have 1 20 gallon high tank that only has 6 pygmy cories and 6 Green Neon Tetras in it.  It is also heavily planted.


I could see transferring them in to this tank to give them a better chance of surviving given less chance of predation.  The tank they are in now has some adult Emerald Cories, American Flag Fish, Kuhli Loaches, Killifish, and a Dwarf Gourami.

Would you think a transfer might possibly have enough chance of success to justify the effort?


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The Cory eggs were fertile. Yesterday I observed wriggling masses within them and today the eggs have largely hatched.

The tanks they are in are heavily planted and have abundant floating salvinia and water lettuce,  so, who knows.  I will avoid removing floating plants for 4-5 weeks and aim to feed bbs daily for a few weeks and see if any fry manage to survive.

I figure if the adults are well fed and full, they will be less likely to be rooting around for tasty fry nibbles, and the Baby Brine will also feed surviving fry.


I wouldnt mind having up to 12 or so new cories to put into other tanks.

If nothing else the adult inhabitants will be sated with bbs, and likely spawn some more.

I am thinking of purchasing a Ziss Breeder box from my favorite Aquarium Supply Store.


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On 11/27/2022 at 10:51 AM, TheSwissAquarist said:

Breeding boxes work fine, but maybe throw in an airstone 

This premium breeder box from Ziss is designed to maximize water flow throughout the box. It features a hose connected to an airstone which brings water into the box and a bottom stainless steel mesh screen for additional flow. The top features a convenient feeding hole. 


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