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L236 and L397 going to surface.


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Question on what to do here. I have or had 3 L397 and a L236. Lost a 397 today.


parameter's are fine and these come from dans fish so my temp matches there at 79. 

I did do some meds about 3 days ago but did a water change today and started to notice the problems today. Anything I can do for this, should I add some stress coat or should I just dim the light and wait and pray. 

Also it’s a 75 gal and I’m running and air stone, with a Oase bio master with flow from the outake.


I did add some bacteria earlier as well that might be causing the issue notice one of my Cory’s is struggling.

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L236 - 75.2-84.2°F (78-79 is fine)
L397 - 75.2-86°F (78-79 is fine)
Corydoras - (usually prefer 74 degrees or so, up to 78 is fine, so lean slightly closer to 75 compared to 80)

L236 - 6.6 - 7.6 PH
L397 - 6.4 - 7.7 PH
Corydoras - (generally speaking 6.5-7.4 is best)
*you'd prefer to be 6.8-7.2 for these fish.

It's a 75G tank, so I would start by adding one airstone per section.  (either corner of the tank works).  As far as stress that helps with circulation and oxygenation stresses.  Adding salt helps as well.

We'll need a full list of all testing parameters and then we'd want to verify all equipment is working.

Any photos of the affected fish will help as well.  Being at the surface, especially for catfish is often water quality (ammonia / nitrite spike), oxygenation, or temperature issues.

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On 11/23/2022 at 9:32 AM, Colu said:

I would test your ammonia nitrite nitrate levels to see if anything off if there hanging near the surface it could be low levels of desolve oxygen or a reaction to the medication what medication did you use 

I don't disagree but he already said his water parameters are 'fine' so it can't be anything wrong with the water.... even if that is likely the issue.

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