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Only one aquarium has no buffer (KH)

Jumbo Slim

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I moved to a new house.

Was on very hard well water with low buffer. High pH around 8.4

My new house has hard water with medium buffer out of the faucet. Moderate pH around 6.8 but it fluctuates.

Surprisingly all my neo-cardinia shrimp and live bearers adjusted pretty well.

Now I am about a week in and one of my shrimp tanks is seeing die offs. Plus the shrimp in that one tank aren't acting normal. Very slow and barely moving.

So I test the problem tank with Coop test strips:

300+ hardness
0 buffer
6.4 pH


So I test the other 7. They all come out like this:

300+ hardness
80 buffer
6.7 pH

Any idea what could cause this in only one tank? All the water is from the same source.

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On 11/22/2022 at 8:21 PM, Colu said:

You could add some crushed coral to your filter to help increase your KH in the short term you could add some wonder shell 

Yes this part I realize. But I am wondering why one of 7 tanks would have such different numbers.

On 11/22/2022 at 7:31 PM, Fish Folk said:

Can you describe your substrate, hardscape, plants, filtration, flow, temperature, stocking…

Only neo-cardina shrimp, no fish.

Plain aquarium gravel, 1 pothos growing out the top, 1 sponge filter on an air pump. Same as the other 7 more or less.

There is a piece of wood in the tank. But there are also pieces in some of the other tanks. And this is not new wood. It was in the same tank at my old house for over a year.


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