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Shrimp molt?

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Molt. You'll see a bunch of these once your colony is dialed in. While they look weird, the shrimp will usually return once they're hardened up and harvest the molt for calcium. Both my ghost shrimp and my amanos are constantly leaving these around. Anything they don't clean up... well, the snails like calcium, too.

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Of you have a dead shrimp, you Will know. Turns into a weird color, starting wit a pinkish one as @lefty o is saying. But can also be different like a yellowish color.

This is a molt. I find that they molt more often just after a water change. You can just leave it in the tank and it will be eaten by the shrimp for the calcium.

If it's from a female: they most likely to get eggs just after molding. So if you see a lot of shrimp going through the tank like crazy, this might be because they are smelling that the female is 'ready'.

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