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Tankmates for a red tail shark?


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Pretty much the one thing to avoid is anything that specifically looks like the body shape of the RTBS.  Especially things in the same family can lead to issues if space is tight.

In my RTBS care, I don't know if the one I have is just extremely peaceful (she isn't, but can be) or if it's just the norm given her care.  Every morning she pops out, says hey, goes back into her hole.  She legit knows voices and who is out there, she comes out when certain people interact with her.

RTBS want a long tank and a tank where they can swim laps or circles and sort of prowl a path.  Mine is always swimming the same locations in the same way and wants to sit in the same spot in the same position during off hours (daytime). 

I have kept in the tank without much fuss:
-White clouds|
-Borneo Loaches
-YoYo Loaches
-Tiger barbs
-Glofish style tetras (rescues)
-Panda Corydoras
-Black Corydoras
-Clown pleco
-Rubberlip Pleco
-Bristlenose Pleco
-Odessa Barb
-Swordtails (orange with black swords)
-More swordtails (black with green speckles)
-Amano Shrimp

The only thing she wasn't happy around, but eventually was fine with was Siamese Algae Eaters.   They stayed out, she stayed hidden, but she was definitely not ok with them being around her.  In order to ease aggression I took the 4 SAEs that I had and removed them to other tanks.  Eventually she was ok with less of them and the SAEs would always hang out together and school together.  They (SAEs) got big and chunky and were just like little whales wanting to lay on everything they could to rest in the flow.  My RTBS is a lot "more active" in the sense that she coasts around, checks on things, grazes, but she doesn't really just lay there.  She will swim in place, but she's not actually not swimming.

Hopefully we can hear from some more RTBS keepers, Rainbow Shark keepers, or the all elusive BTBS keepers.   I would love to learn more about them.  The prime time aquatics vid, theirs was MASSIVELY BIG and apparently wasn't good with a lot of fish.  I have asked them on stream and stuff about theirs.  Mine is a solid 5.5-6" and theirs was similar size, but in video just looks giant.

This is the behavior, comfort, and personality similar to mine.  they like to have a hide, cave, or cover to get away from.  At night they are much more active.

this  might  help too


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