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CO2 reactor and Fluval canisters


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So I'm thinking about adding a reactor to two of my tanks, one has a Fluval 407, one has a 207. Am I going to have any issues with the flow? I would also like some recommendations for a reactor to use. I don't even know which ones fit the fluval tubing well. Thoughts, recommendations?

I'm using 5# co2 tanks with GLA regulators.

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I know some folks don't like the tiny bubbles, but after using CO2 reactors, and inline atomizer/diffusers, I 've reverted back to using the Aquario Neo CO2 Diffuser from Aquarium Co-Op, because of articles I had read about the beneficial effects of these tiny CO2 bubbles on leaf growth. The diffuser produces enough to supply my 75 gallon with sufficient CO2 for continual growth and I'm using a Fluval 407 at full flow.


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When I used a CO2 reactor, I had it in my sump with it's own small, dedicated pump. This was inline with a UV sterilizer and had a much lower flow-rate than my dedicated aquarium pump.

In your scenario, I'm wondering if it would be possible to split the return line coming from the canister filter, and have one of the two lines feeding the rector, then this line could feed into your aquarium or possibly join back up with the canister filter line (you'd probably want to install a check valve before meeting back up with original line). Theoretically, it could also be possible to install a gate valve before the reactor if you need to throttle the flow rate through that.

If I had a canister filter, I think I would try that as I hate the bubbles from CO2 diffusers.

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Are you currently running an in-line diffuser or one that is in the tank?


The two go-to is usually the NilocG or the CO2Art



I believe for the X07 series you're looking at 12mm tubing fitment.

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