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Black Corys

Jim 78

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Leaning towards not Venezuelan, but these guys.  Very hard to tell with the glass.


Technically speaking it's actually Schultzei "black"



Corydoras schultzei is usually considered a synonym of Corydoras aeneus. However, there is a school of thought that holds the opinion that Corydoras aeneus should be restricted to the holotype form which is from the island of Trinidad and specifically is not as elongate as C. schultzi. Somewhere across the huge geographic range of "continental" Corydoras aeneus and amongst its several geographic variations, which are really quite different shapes and sizes, sees the species featured here. If for no other reason than to prevent captive hybridisation and indeed to help separate the other forms, the junior synonym is used here as a species in its own right.

The black colour form was produced by German aquarists in the '90s and is, confusingly, often marketed as Corydoras sp. "VENEZUELA BLACK". This black colour form does not occur in the wild, has nothing to do with the country of Venezuela or the separate species, Corydoras venezuelanus.


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