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White Cloud Minnows stocking question


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Hello, I’ve been fish keeping for nearly two years, and I’ve only kept bettas since far. I am getting bored with them, and since I’ve got a free ten gallon at the moment, I am thinking about trying some White Cloud Minnows, since I’ve read they are also a great beginner friendly fish. 

My tank is a planted tank gallon, with a sponge filter. How many WCM could I stock in there? It would be a species only tank. I was thinking about 12, 6 of white and 6 of gold. 

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On 11/20/2022 at 5:46 PM, T. Payne said:

I wouldn't rely on aq advisor and lean towards the experience of others.  Websites such as aq advisor do not know ones maintenance schedule or filtration systems, more than not, they even occasionally follow the old inch per gallon rule.

Thank you.

I have a sponge filter rated and do a weekly 20-30% water change. 

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