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Moldy mini-pond


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I moved my 12ish gallon mini ricefish pond in from the outside deck to the inside the house about a week ago. I just noticed mold started growing on the base of the plants and substrate. Know idea why that is or what’s going on. Water clarity still seems fine. Realized I’m out of test strips otherwise I’d give water parameters as well 🙄

Any advice would be appreciated.




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@TheSwissAquarist not this specifically.... well. I have, but those plants didn't make it. 

I was watching some videos on houseplants and one common thing they do is use hydrogen peroxide to treat mold.  The most common reason for it is that the plant or dirt/substrate is too wet.  (need better drainage)  Specifically (for aquarium and plants) food grade hydrogen peroxide is less stable, but better.


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