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Getting rid of Detritus Worms?


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Hey all! 

Anyone have any tips for getting rid of detritus worms? I've seen some supplies online for getting rid of detritus, and I know for sure not to use dewormer, but I've got a nasty bloom of little guys and want to get a hold on them!

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I had a lot in my tank too after adding plants that I did not treat for hitchhikers.  I also had a lot of snails and Ostracods (seed shrimp). Like hundreds of Ostracods, swimming through the tank, scurrying on the substrate, through the substrate,…


Once I added fish to the tank, I never saw them anymore, well except for the snails…..


I never see detritus worms or Ostracods anymore, even when .i go looking to see if they are hiding in the substrate.  Maybe they are still there, but they never show themselves to me..

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I have no idea which of my fish are eating them but they dissapeared shortly after stocking..


I stocked with Kuhli Loaches, Cories, Green Neon Tetras and a Dwarf Gourami.


what is your water change and gravel vaccing schedule?  A good gravel vaccing and tank cleaning should knock the population down.  What do your water parameters look like?

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I do not recommend chemical removal. Anything harming them will harm snails if you have them and can potentially linger long term. Detritus worms overpopulate to the amount of excess food (overfeeding) on and in the substrate. Getting rid of them you are left with excess detritus causing other issues. 

They surface and can be seen in the water column when oxygen in or near the substrate is low. 

Add an airstone or another airstone/ hob anything causing surface agitation and water movement.  This will send them back to the substrate where they have access to food. Vacuum your substrate well and each week at water change to keep excess food from accumulating. 

Cut back considerably on how much you are feeding. Your fish will find a few and enjoy them as a live food source. I intentionally grow them in fry grow outs for food. 

Hope that helps. 

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