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Buying Shrimp Online

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So I’ve just finished cycling my Walstad bowl. It’s about 8 gallons and I’m really proud of it. My water is pretty hard here in the Eastern side of the Cascades so I’ve take some steps with botanicals and with my substrate to buffer it to get it neutral at or just below 7.

Well now comes the time for livestock and although I love my LFS their prices for shrimp are let’s just say out of line with the market forces I see on the web. Now I’ve narrowed it down to one of a couple breeders on Aquabid where I can get a large quantity of shrimp per reviews of fair quality or I can go through a breeder with stricter standards and get fewer livestock but of purportedly better genetics. What day you people of the forum? 

* I’m not a neophyte full disclosure I’ve bought from web sources and my lfs many times over the years and I’ve had mostly excellent experiences with both but I’m really torn on this one. 



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