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harlquinn rasbora experiences


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I have 5 harlequin rasboras. They started in a 10 gal w/ a betta & 2 SAE (WAY overstocked). The betta declined in health & I moved him into his own 5 gal. Then I got a 29 & moved the rasboras into it w/ one SAE. Then I added 6 Corydoras paleatus. 

The rasboras are completely peaceful. Too peaceful for my former betta & for the current SAE in with them. If another fish wants the food, the rasboras stay away & don't eat. Their 29 is heavily planted & they mostly stick to the open space for swimming. They never go towards the bottom of the tank; mostly stay in the middle, will dart up to the top if there's food up there. 

Their schooling/shoaling style is to slowly swim around, loosely shoaled. They're not a fast swimmer unless there's food involved. I fed some live mosquito larva over the summer & they eliminated them quickly. I was surprised how good their hunting skills were considering they don't get live food. 

I'm currently planning on moving the SAE out when I have somewhere to put it (or rehome it). I think the rasboras would be very happy with just the corydoras & maybe one peaceful centerpiece fish (honey gourami?). 


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On 11/15/2022 at 8:05 AM, Theplatymaster said:

just wondering what peoples experiences are with harlquinn rasboras. ihave a 20high

I have 7 Rasboras which will be upgraded into a ten gallon tank in a few months.. They currently have 1 mystery snail as a tank mate and possibly some Cherry Shrimp if they're hiding around. They used to have a Honey Gourami as well but he died from unknown causes. If you're asking if you should get them, I definitely think you should! Mine are generally peaceful but make sure the school is big enough. When I had only 3 of them, there was one big bully so yeah. 

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