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How to save this tank


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A few months ago my mental health tanked and this is the result. I stopped dosing ferts or easy carbon, stopped carefully tuning the lighting and CO2 with plant growth, stopped doing water changes... pretty much only fed the fish and dipped a test strip in once in a while to make sure no one was going to die. 

Luckily my other 2 tanks were established/balanced enough to continue thriving and experience no negative effects... probably because they're low-tech. 

I need some advice on saving this tank, it's a UNS 45U (~10g) with a betta, buttload of cherry shrimp, snails, and some chili rasboras. Medium/high tech setup with CO2 injection and a twinstar light. Coarse hair algae has taken hold and really bloomed in the tank (not to mention little bits of staghorn) 

Under all that algae is some UNS controsoil with a Monte Carlo carpet that's melted back a good bit (but seems to still have a strong root system). There's the obvious pearl weed and a dwarf crypt whose name escapes me. 

Aside from manual removal and a series of large water changes (working up the energy to do so now), what can I do? How can I prevent this in the future? I plan to massively reduce (or just stop) CO2 injection and light duration to slow down growth and resource consumption but do I have any other options? My other two tanks are newer, yet I have managed to balance them much better (I'm assuming because of water volume) 

Thanks in advance! 

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