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Black Friday

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Honestly I dont think I've ever even thought about it!! Chances are the only places going to be able to give deals like that are the big chain stores.  The LFS are already paying top dollar for the equipment they sell because chances are like anything else the more you buy the cheaper they are.  So there for a local mom and pops store aren't gunna buy more than let's say 6,  FX6's when a major chain store has the money to buy 10,000 and sit on them until they do sell if that makes sence

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The big box pet stores usually have some kind of sales, but with this years, a lot of big retailers outside of the hobby have even said that Black Friday isn't going to be like it has in the past, as a way to encourage people not to pack the stores. 

If you have any LFS they may have some kind of sales, I know one about an hour away from me last year had certain fish buy 1 get one free, buy one get one 50% off etc. and a deal on frozen foods.

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@AtomCatMatt @aquachris I work there, i can confirm that that is one of there black friday sales from the 1-11th its $ per gallon, 50% off aqueon 40b 55g 75g

50% off aqueon rimless, edglit and frameless tanks

15% off aqueon water care, filters and optibright led 

         26-29 19.99 critrertrail starter kit

39.99 kaytee guinea pig and dwarf rabbit starter kit

49.99 zilla 10g premium desert starter kit

99.99 zilla 20l premium snake and aquatic turtle starter kits

99.99 zoo med juvinile bearded dragon and chameleon starter kits 

I got this off of the  petco work place app and i have full permission from them to post this

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