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Adolfoi or Duplicareus Corydoras?


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I am setting up a 29 gallon blackwater tank that will have a pair of macmasteri apistos. I'm planning on have really fine sand, anubias, java fern, amazon swords, driftwood, pebbles, and botanicals. However, I really want to have a school of corys in the tank and I've been wanting adolfois or duplicareus. Any experience on which would do better in a blackwater setup? The tank won't be strictly black water but it will have a tint to the water. Which would be easier to breed?

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On 11/10/2022 at 10:05 AM, Yanni said:

adolfois or duplicareus.

The first one looks like it handles more acidic water, but generally speaking most corydoras would be very happy in that tank.

The one caveat here for anything in that tank is going to be what temperature are you planning for the fish you have now?  Are the corydoras compatible?



I like the look of the Adolfoi slightly better.

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