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Quarantining Amano Shrimp?


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I have Amano Shrimp coming in from Aqua Tuna in the next couple of days. Should I quarantine them? I have cherry shrimp and I swear that I read you didn't need to since they're so different from fish. But now I have a very solid cherry shrimp colony and wouldn't want to disrupt it any more than the new shrimp will anyway. Thoughts?

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It's often been explained that you don't need to. Essentially, most of the things you would treat shrimp for wouldn't cross over to fish.  That being said, the best thing you can do is drop the shrimp into a specimen container or QT tank and then slowly (longer than you think you should) acclimate them to your water.  During that process you monitor them, check them out for parasites and other issues. 

If you have a QT tank, yeah you should use it.  If you don't a bucket works with a sponge or air stone with daily water changes, but yes.... you can put them into the tank if you really don't have a choice and typically you will be ok.





Diseases and Poisoning

With the right living conditions, shrimp keepers should only rarely be confronted with diseased creatures. Small mechanical injuries to the shrimp’s shell cause black colouring around the affected areas. Unless deeper tissues have been affected, such injuries should be cured by the time they next shed their skin.

If several shrimps die within a short time in an aquarium, this is generally due to poisoning. In particular, traces of heavy metals such as copper, which can originate from copper pipes in the water system or from heating coils in hot water boilers, are highly toxic for invertebrates such as shrimps. Even tiny amounts of these metals can be lethal, especially in soft water. Water conditioners can reduce the danger to a certain extent, but it is recommended to only use water that is completely free of copper in a shrimp tank.

Also, many medications for ornamental fish or algae conditioners contain copper as an active ingredient. Such agents should never be used in aquariums containing shrimps! Newly purchased aquatic plants from nurseries may also be harmful to shrimps. In particular, if these plants have been cultivated above water, they will have been treated with spraying agents to protect them from pests and fungal diseases. Many of these substances, however, are highly poisonous to shrimps. For this reason, new plants should be watered for several weeks before being planted in a shrimp aquarium.

Tissue cultured plants are not affected and could be used immediately.


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