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White fluff intermittently on Oranda.


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Any advice greatly appreciated. My upgraded tank has only very recently cycled after an ammonia spike/set back. The current parameters are zero ammonia and nitrite, ph 7.6 nitrates 30ppm. One of the new Orandas keeps developing these slightly fluffy white outgrowths that seem to appear, elongate and then disappear. So far they have been confined near to his wen but I'm not 100% convinced they are wen growth and a bit concerned about missing bacteria/fungus/parasites. I adore this fish and so I don't want to miss something potentially serious. He seems well in himself, is eating, pooping and bright.  Any suggestions? I have maracyn, ich-X, triple sulfa, protozin, esha-exit, praziquantel and aquarium salt if necessary to use but I don't want to harm the already delicate newly cycled tank unless it's strictly necessary. 

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