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Please help...Are these leeches on my rabbit snail??


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Noticed small worm like things on my snail and looked to be coming from underneath shell as well. When i tried to grab one with tweezers most of them floated away. The only research I could find was it could be leeches and I am no sure what to do if it is because I have other fish and invertebrates in my tank as well. Any ideas what these are and if they need to be removed or not? Thank you.


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I can’t tell for certain but they look more like planaria to me.  How do the move?  Do they hump up in the middle like an inchworm?  [leach]  Or do they slide along, waving their head from side to side?  [planaria]

Leaches usually have a pattern of markings on them and often look a bit segmented.  Planaria are usually more homogenous color and stay very small.

I don’t know of any treatment that will get rid of planaria without harming snails.  You’ll have to use traps and be very diligent and persistent.  There are commercially made traps or u\you can make one from a plastic bottle like a water or soda bottle.  Punch tiny pinholes in the bottom of the bottle, bait with something meaty, let it fill with tank water, recap it, and stand it in the tank.  The planaria will crawl in through the pinholes after the bait.  Then you dump the water and planaria out, preferably after killing the planaria.  Very hot water will kill them.  You can slowly dump put the water, then fill the bottle with very hot tap water to kill the planaria.  Then dump water again once planaria are dead, the dump the dead planaria in the trash.

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