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Are there any aquarium plants out there that like a pH of 8.4 and a GH of 0 and a KH of 286.4 ppm (dKH 16)?

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I am getting ready to build my 55 gallon tank and am about to order plants. Most plant descriptions talk about lighting needs and fertilizer.  I haven't found any that talk about pH, GH or KH. My well water has no calcium or magnesium, but the HK is twice the max recommended for fish. I always have driftwood, and IAL in the tanks, as well as extra air stones.

I plan to stock with the fish I have: peppered corys, neon tetras, kuhli loaches, yoyo loaches, maybe some male guppies and maybe a male betta, and scuds and snails.

I want some low carpeting plants for the front. I have a few tall ones for the background.

I am running a air test on my water in an open bucket with an air stone. and another with an active sponge filter and a heater. Second test is to see If I can lower the 0.5 Ammonia before adding it to the tank.

ACO is running a plant sale, so I would like to buy the carpeting plants there before the sale ends. 

Any ideas, suggestions or advice are welcome.

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Correction: the ACO water test strips show my well water to be off the top of the scale for GH and KH. The API tube water test show the GH and Ca to both be at zero and If I deluter the well water w1:1 with distilled water and double the results, the KH is 286.4 or dKH of 16.  I think this means my magnesium is off the scale in the high direction.  

I was debating adding Seachem Equilibrium, but am not sure if this will raise the magnesium or other things I can not test for to levels that are not good for plants and fish.

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