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Red Eye Red Tail Puffer Breeding Journal


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@Beardedbillygoat1975Id give it a shot. The limited info out there indicates the females of this species breed around 2/3rds the size of the males; Females at +/- 1.4" total length vs male at +/- 2.4" total length.Particularly if you notice a female reducing her food consumption and plumping up. That is likely an indication of ready for spawning in the next day or two in this species. 


My group is 2 males 3 females and have been together in their 40 breeder since arrival in November? ish. Lots of room makes for no fighting here ....so far. 

I noticed this clear pattern variation between my two males. Subdominant male is just grey where the dominant male is darker grey brown with that dorsal crest and striping

Subdominant male normal coloration



He is more single toned as compared to the below dominant male.

Dominant male coloration +/- 2 " TL

Below right of photo is a female +/- 1.4" TL


Id guess is a 10 gallon or larger would work for spawning but the smaller the better for egg collection. Then the real fun begins 🙂

The indicators I am looking for are the red keel belly stripe and that crest on the male and the female going off food and plumping up. 

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I’ve done the deed - all 3 are now in a 20 high together with clumps of subwassertang and moss in all the corners and loads of hides. Not sure I’ll see them for a couple days as there are a ton of scuds in there for them to hunt. I’ll get pics when I can see something. 

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On 3/18/2023 at 1:58 AM, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

I have sad news, due to a bad gfi outlet I lost the trio. I’ll be updating my journal to detail further but it’s been sad times around the fish room. 

So sorry to hear this.  It must have been so frustrating to find this.

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