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Oberon and Puck!


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Hey there! My name is Millie and I have a 5 gallon tank, I'm still new to aquarium keeping so hopefully once I'm comfortable with the 5 gallon I'll be able to move up to a 10 gallon or maybe even a second tank altogether! I tend to a lot of plants and wanted something to liven up my room, and so far I've really loved having Oberon and Puck around.

Oberon is a beautiful white betta fish, I knew as soon as I saw him in the pet store I wanted a white opal betta, and I really lucked out with how temperate he is? He's never been too aggressive, I've never seen him flare his gills at anyone or anything, and he loves the camera. He'll come up to me and likes to hang around the side of the tank that I'm closest to, he's really a wonderful little friend. 

I got Puck not too long ago, unfortunately the Puck before this one had passed, so I'm still bonding with this new one. Puck is massive and I love how unbothered he is by Oberon hanging around him. I was lucky enough to get a video of their first interaction not too long ago, and now I am looking forward to caring for both of them!


Screen Shot 2022-11-03 at 2.55.19 PM.png

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