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Weather “Dojo” Loach tank

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What’s up everybody, so fun quick question at least I hope people will see it that way. I have some Weather loaches that I love and have been redoing tanks recently as I’m sure most of you are aware. In lies the problem. My dojos are similar to cichlids. Over the years they have managed to destroy many types of plants. Fast forward to today there is sinking hand made spawning mops and hornwort in the tank along with duckweed I’m working on eliminating. It’s not pleasing to look at. This being said I think I now have the knowledge to keep plants with them again and am planning an order (probably from the coop) tomorrow. I thought I might let the community help me decide what to buy. I’m thinking single species tank (1 type of plant), not a full on aquascaped tank, or perhaps single plant type tank like swords or anubias or stems etc. it runs 3-4 in of nutrient rich substrate/ sand and a UGF, black background what do you guys think I should pick, preferrably something hardy and more root feeding then column feeding… all ideas welcome thanks 🙃

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