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Egg Bound Green Laser Cory Cat?


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Hi everyone,

I'm not going to post a pic of the dead fish - just the tank - so don't worry! But I just lost one of my prized green laser cory cats. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be a female loaded with eggs. I know birds can get egg bound, but can fish? A quick search on the internet yielded no results. I have two more green lasers of unknown gender in a 90 G tank. I've tried to purchase more to beef up the school, but they are hard to find (and expensive 😞 ). I make sure they get bottom feeder food every day. I've had them about 6 months.

The other fish include: praecox rainbowfish, Cochu Tetra, cherry barbs and one Electric Blue Acara, ect. No other  casualties noted. 

Temp is around 77

Weekly water changes

AQ COOP Test strips : 0 Ammonia / 0-10 Nitrates / 0 Nitrites


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On 11/2/2022 at 10:18 AM, Colu said:

Fish can get egg bound usually they will reabsorb the eggs sometimes they don't in that case Epsom salt baths 1 table for 2 gallons for no more than 15 minutes for a couple of days can work as Epsom salt acts as a muscle relaxant @Cyndi

Thank you for that info -if I catch the next one in time, I'll try it.  - I am wondering if egg binding has to do with bad luck or is it related to not having enough corys  in the school or food or what??

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